Running forward to a better life

Running forward to a better life

More and more Bangaloreans are making a habit of running. They feel that their day is incomplete if they don’t hit the road at the break of dawn.

Following a disciplined routine and not compromising on it, come what may, they reason that running keeps them healthy, active and makes them feel alive.

   Runners from across the country congregated in the City recently for an event that involved a 12-hour non-stop run, around an enclosed area and almost all the runners conceded that this would be a little monotonous because they are used to running out in the open. But they all seemed up for the challenge. Among the participants, a sizeable number of people were from other cities across the country.

Forty five-year-old Amar from Sikkim, is a trekker by profession and is used to a hard life. Negotiating bumpy stretches and rough terrains of hilly Sikkim has strengthened him both physically and mentally.

   “I am a marathon runner. People in my hometown didn’t know what that was until I began the concept in my City. Running at an altitude opens out your lungs. It is tough but ensures a longer life,” confesses Amar who was more than elated to discover that marathon running is slowly but steadily gaining popularity.

Mumbai-based consultant Sunil Shetty is 51 years but he doesn’t look anything his age, thanks to the habit of running, which he picked up as a teenager.

   “My wife and I are runners and that has kept us going. It has improved our life and we make sure we consume more vegetarian food and the right amount of carbs and protein to keep our energy high,” explains Sunil.

   He observes that Bangalore like Mumbai has a lot more runners today than when he began a couple of years ago. “During marathons, I train for a couple of hours to make sure I can run longer than usual. Running is serious business for me,” adds Sunil.

Aravind from Chennai belongs to the young breed of runners. He holds a regular job as an assistant manager with an HR firm in Chennai but he shares that he has never missed a single day of his running schedule and is always open to marathon running.

   “Our jobs tie us down to a sedentary lifestyle. Running activates the mind and leaves you feeling fresh, even if you have a desk job,” he signs off.