Rains affect pepper, cardamom, coffee

Rains affect pepper, cardamom, coffee

Rains affect pepper, cardamom, coffee

Heavy rains in Shanthalli hobli of Kodagu district has spelt disaster for plantation crops. Coffee and cardamom have been affected with ‘koleroga.’ Pepper has been affected with severe cold. The growers had incurred huge loss following heavy rainfall last year. The history repeats this year as well.

Growers said heavy rain will hasten the spread of diseases and bring down production of major plantation crops like  cardamom, pepper and coffee by a significant margin.

 “The  disease in cardamom and coffee  in the hobli  is spreading to more plants due to heavy rains. Though growers spray pesticides to control the disease from spreading, it gets washed away by rains.”

With the decrease in temperature, eight cattle have lost their lives in the hobli. The villages situated on the foothills of Western Ghats like Bettadalli, Pushpagiri, Hanchinalli, Kumaralli, Heggadamane, Taddikoppa, Beedalli, Kothnalli, Kudigana, Nadnalli, Shanthalli, Kooti, Bettadakoppa, Tholoorshettallu, Kundalli, Beekalli, Hemmanagadde, Nadlakoppa have faced the brunt of rain.

Transplantation of paddy has been completed in the villages situated on the foothills of Western Ghats. However, rivulets have inundated paddy fields.

Shanthalli has received 160 inches of rainfall since January and Heggadamane has received 230 inches of rainfall till date.

With disease affecting coffee plants, the leaves have started withering along with berries.

Pepper shoots have withered due to the continuous rains at the time of berry formation.
This will have impact on the pepper production. Growers said “about one kg of coffee berries are withering from a coffee plant daily. If the rain continues for a week, then we will incur huge loss. The government should announce compensation for the loss to protect the interest of the growers.”