Fishermen offer prayers to appease Sea God

Fishermen offer prayers to appease Sea God

Boats venture into sea as 57-day fishing holidays come to an end

Fishermen offer prayers to appease Sea God

Seeking blessings of Sea God for better catch and safety at sea, a large number of fishermen, fisherwomen and kids offered Samudra Pooja (prayers to Sea God) at Thannirbhavi in Mangalore on Sunday.

The fishermen offer prayers to the Sea God, on the last day of fishing holidays which falls on a full moon day. The fishermen will venture into sea on the following day after offering prayers.

Fishermen consider the day as auspicious as a large number of them offer prayers, to safeguard their family members from all evil spirit when they venture into sea for fishing for weeks together.

The day began with a Shoba Yatre from Karnal Garden Sri Rama Bhajana Mandira. It passed via Bokkapattana Brahma Babbarya Banta Daivastana, Boloor Ashwatha Katte Nagabrahma Sthana, Boloor Grama Chavadi before arriving on the banks of river Gurpura.

After crossing the river in boats, the fishermen waiting on the other end of the river received them and took the seer in a colourful procession to the beach at Thannirbavi where prayers were offered amidst bhajans. The seer offered the pooja, first by offering milk, fruits, tender coconuts, flowers and other commodities.

Simultaneously, a large number of fishermen taking part in the rituals too threw coconuts to sea, which is also one of the rituals.

After offering pooja to the Sea,  prayers were offered at a pendal set up for the purpose. The programme ended with distribution of prasadam.

Though heavy rain played a spoilsport, it did not deter fishermen from performing prayers and rituals.

The programme was organised by Mangalooru Yelu Patna Mogaveera Samyuktha Sabha comprising Boloor, Bokkapatna, Kudroli, Hoige Bazaar, Bolar, Jeppu, Neereshwalya and Padu Hoige Mogaveera grama sabhas.

Speaking after offering pooja, Suvarna Kadali Mutt Head Nareshnathaji wished for the better catch for fishermen during the season.

Fisherman R C Bolara said, “we need to ensure that fish population do not decline. Fishermen should have a feeling of sacrednedss to the sea.”

“It is the sea alone that protects us during sudden unforseen crisis in the sea. When we are sailing, it is only sea that is visible.  Hence, we offer prayers to Sea God to protect us during our venture in sea,” he said.

Prior to the pooja, various teams performed bhajans.

Mangalooru Yelu Patna Mogaveera Samyuktha Sabha President Madhava Salian, General Secretary Panduranga Suvarna, Vice President Diwakar Anchan, among others were present.