KRS fills to the brim, attracts hundreds during weekends

KRS fills to the brim, attracts hundreds during weekends

Water gushing out of the sluice gates is a treat to the eyes

KRS fills to the brim, attracts hundreds during weekends

Krishnaraja Sagar (KRS), with its majestic dam and the lovely Brindavan Gardens is a true crowd puller. But, the monsoon gives a magical touch to the place once the Cauvery Neeravari Nigam decides to open the crest gates, after the dam brims.

With Kodagu district receiving heavy downpour, filling all water sources in the catchment area, the River Cauvery has filled the KRS dam, which is the lifeline of the people of Mysore, Mandya and Bangalore districts.

The water gushing out of sluice gates, can be viewed at the main gate of the dam, where entry is prohibited now. The place turns into a perfect spot for the weekend crowd.

Thousands of people were seen on the embankment of the dam, which is fenced, to experience the adrenaline rush. The water from gates one and two, which crashes on a huge boulder sprays water on to the people, waiting to have the once in a year experience.

However, it is the local vendors who made hay, even when it rained. Those who were selling maize were doing roaring business. The instantly roasted corn, smeared with red chilli masala, with a dash of lemon, complemented the whole environment.

Narasamma, who was selling piping hot ‘eerekayi and mensinkayi bajji’ was busy cutting vegetables, dipping them in the batter and frying, to be sold to waiting customers.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, she said, she usually opens shop at the Brindavan Gardens. Opening the crest gates, once a year, is a blessing in disguise for them, who do good business for at least 15 days. Cucumbers were sold at Rs 5 each and a small pack of groundnuts cost Rs 10.

Even autorickshaw drivers were making good business. As the KSRTC buses halted more than a kilometre away from the main gate, autos charged Rs 10 per head to ferry the visitors to the gate.

Those who travelled by buses had to cough Rs 10 or walk the distance. But, no one seemed to mind paying for the auto, to have a glimpse of the roaring beauty. Everybody were busy capturing the moments on their cameras and mobile phones.