Cops record harassed maid's statement

Cops record harassed maid's statement

 The police on Sunday recorded the statement of a 13-year-old girl who was allegedly assaulted by a couple who were keeping the minor girl in illegal custody.

The police recorded the statement of the girl after she regained conscious and the Child Welfare Committee will again record the victim’s statement on Monday.

Also, a special team has been sent to West Bengal to contact the grandmother of the victim. The police said that since the child’s parents were no more, she was being taken care of by her grandmother, who requested the suspects, Nikunj Todi and Nafisa, 33, to take care of the child so that she could have a good life.

“But unfortunately, the child has gone through hell in the hands of the couple,” a police officer said.

The child was brought to the City in June and was made to do daily household chores. The victim was reportedly beaten up when ever she tried to eat some food from the kitchen. The doctors have informed the police that the child is recovering and is being fed with solid food. She is being able to converse in her native language.

The victim is being kept at the ICU for further observation and once she recovers, the doctors will treat her for her skin disease which has worsened over the time, said a senior police officer.

Nikunj Todi and Nafeesa had allegedly physically abused the child for a long time and the police are investigating the matter further.