Reaching high octaves

Reaching high octaves

Reaching high octaves

Parampara Creative Arts Foundation, a group working to spread the might of Carnatic music, celebrated their 15th anniversary at Purandara Bhavana recently. 

The programme began at 5 pm with a warm welcome from the Parampara founder couple, V Kartikeyan and Savitha Kartik, followed by an invocation song, Nada Tanumanisham by the students of Parampara. 

The musicians for the evening were Vijay Siva and Sriram Kumar, who are contemporaries of their founders and grew up with classical strains in Chennai. 

A CD called Ekamanekam, which includes songs recorded by 11 senior students, along with Savita, was released by Vijay Siva. 

A touching and creative video of the 15 year mellifluous journey was showcased by the students with childlike innocence and sincerity. 

The evening culminated with a grand recital the grand recital by Sri Vijay Siva, an epitome of tradition and balance, who rendered compositions of masters including Tyagaraja, Syama Shastri, Dikshitar and Annamacharya.

 The highlight was the ‘pancharathan kriti, Nagumomu which reached high octaves and set the evening to tune. 

The month-long celebrations kicked off on July 26, in Prakirya campus, where they honoured the trinity of Carnatic music — Tyagaraja, Dikshitar and Syama Shastri; through music, skits and videos with modern twists.   

Abuzz with joy and activity, the crescendo of the Parampara celebrations was thoroughly enjoyed by all in the houseful auditorium. 

The 15-year-old journey, that started with traditional music classes Savita Kartik has grown and transformed over the years into a creative platform, fuelled by sheer love and magic of Carnatic music.