Verses from experience

Verses from experience

Tuesdays with the Bard’ at Urban Solace will feature poetry by Maithili on August 12, 7 pm. This is being held as part of its 186th ‘Evening of Poetry from the Heart’.

 The event is an initiative in creating opportunities for the poets and the poetry lovers to meet in a unique settings and explore creativity and limitless possibilities. 

Maithili believes in living life one moment at a time and describes herself as someone who experiences her life as an ever unfolding gift. 

She put her skills and passion into teaching, editing and various other creative pursuits. The experience of life in its grey shades has enriched her with a deep sense of liberation. This has taken her deeper into the experiences of herself which brought out some of her talents which she never knew she had. 

One of them was writing her experiences in prose and in poetic form. The Urban Solace - Cafe for the Soul is located in Ulsoor.