Beyond the ABCD of learning, charity

Beyond the ABCD of learning, charity

Beyond the ABCD of learning, charity

Every Saturday, these students conduct remedial classes for Government school students in Molahera Village, Near Sector 22B, Gurgaon.

“Our mission is to help students who do not have access to good education. We focus on covering the syllabus where most students feel difficulty,” says Gopesh Nakra, a second year student at Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon.

Nakra, is not alone, he is assisted by other students of his batch, who like him are members of the Samaritans - a social initiative club of MDI. Member students of this club work for social causes like imparting education to the Government school students of six to 16 years of age, organising blood donation camps and creating awareness on wracking social issues.

Associated with Prayatna, School of Excellence since 2012, the students hold coaching classes every weekend. “During our interactions, the setting is not formal wherein we impose and they accept. It is a friendly environment and the children are as frank with us as they can be. We joke, we laugh and we learn together,” says second year student Disha Aggarwal. 

“Whenever we visit the site, kids get so excited that they all greet us with ‘Vande Mataram Sir’. They still remember the names of MDI alumni, who earlier taught them, and ask us if we can ask them to meet them again,” says Nakra. 

Apart from academics, students participate and engage the kids in activities like dancing, singing, and crafts. “Because we want to help in their overall development,” says Aggarwal. “We conduct cultural competitions for them in addition to regular classes on weekends.”

Even first year students, who have just become a part of this initiative say, “It is an absolute pleasure to be a resource for someone so willing to learn. I have always had a passion to teach, and I am glad Samaritans gave me this opportunity.

Those kids actually asked us to come again soon, sooner than Saturday too if possible,” says Prachi Mohan.

Prachi’s batchmate Shweta Agarwal too feels happy with the response of of the children. “It was a great experience. I was lucky to have helped them in the little way I could.

They were a group of innocent little girls eager and excited to learn and speak. They called me ‘ma’am’ when I started teaching them and ended being their favourite ‘didi’. It was so touching. I even owe one of them a chocolate as I promised. I look forward to be a part of such initiatives,” said a happy and proud Agarwal.