Affairs led to man's murder at Selja's house

Affairs led to man's murder at Selja's house

Affairs led to man's murder at Selja's house

A bloody scuffle over his wife’s alleged involvement in an illicit relationship with a cook led to the murder of the 42-year-old man at former union minister Kumari Selja’s residence on Sunday night, police said on Tuesday.

 The cook, Anil (28), has been put behind bars while police are considering whether to arrest the victim’s wife Manju or not. While Manju’s presence at the Congress leader’s residence at the time of the crime has not been established, police said Anil had called her over phone after the murder. It is being investigated if she was informed by Anil about the murder.

The victim’s family on Monday accused Anil of the murder, claiming that he, one other cook and Selja’s secretary were attempting to oust Manju from her job and accommodation. Manju had, however, not named any suspect while speaking to the media, instead focusing only on their alleged attempts to oust her.

Manju’s husband Sanjay had returned alone to the staff quarters on Motilal Nehru Marg on Sunday night from his relative’s home in Laxmibai Nagar where the family had gone to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

Police found during investigations that while Anil was consuming alcohol at his home prior to the murder, Sanjay had returned in an inebriated state.

“Sanjay was miffed with the good relation Manju shared with Anil over which they  were involved in an argument. It soon resulted in a scuffle in Sanjay’s room at the staff quarters in which he was thrashed by Anil,” said a police officer.

Sanjay took the stairs to head to the terrace in a bid to save himself.  However, Anil followed him and they exchanged blows on the terrace. It was then that Anil allegedly pushed Sanjay off the terrace with an aim to kill him, said the police.