'Every melody has a story to tell'

'Every melody has a story to tell'


'Every melody has a story to tell'

Progressive and melodic rock band ‘The Pulse Theory’ was formed in 2013 and consists of Avishek Dasgupta on vocals, Arijit Dey on guitars, Ashish on bass, Arjun Menon on keyboards and Antariksh Pandey on drums.

 The manager of the band is Nidhish Nair.
 “We are in essence a progressive rock band. But our music goes beyond a particular genre. It is a converging point of various influences and textures. We have fast progressive numbers, a fusion track with Indian classical elements and even a love ballad. We believe in making original music which is unique and fresh and the fact that we come from different backgrounds helps in the making of the songs,” says Nidhish Nair.

‘The Pulse Theory’ have so far performed at about 15 gigs at various venues. They have also performed outside Bangalore and have eight original compositions to its credit. “Our own compositions are a source of immense satisfaction to us. We have already started recording our tracks and hope to release an album sometime soon,” says Avishek.

Talking about the originality of the songs, Antariksh, a band member, says, “Some venues want a mixed set list. Hence, we need to do a few covers. We have our own renditions of some popular covers as well. However, the audience has warmed up to our original music, which is amazing to see. At one of our recent gigs, we played our latest originals and were overwhelmed to see the crowd head banging and singing along. One of our songs ‘Fall Again’ has also become immensely popular and can be considered as our signature song.”

Each of the members has a full-time job. They mostly rehearse during the weekends and when they have a show coming up, they rehearse on weekdays too. They come from different places like West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Kerala.Their inspiration stems from personal experiences, happenings in the world and the music they have grown up on. 

“Most of our originals are unique in terms of lyrical content. They are woven around stories. We write about love, war and socially relevant issues. When it comes to creating a new song, we brainstorm on how to piece together a perfect structure. For us, making music is a creatively stimulating process which we enjoy with all our heart,” says Arjun.  “We believe music is the purest form of liberation and that every melody has a story to tell,” says Nidhish the manager of the band. “Music is life. It is a medium of escape and explores myriad emotions, colours and spaces,” says Avishek.