In love with the youth hub

In love with the youth hub

Melting Pot

In love with the youth hub

Bangalore has always embraced people from other States who come here in pursuit of a better life. Those from diverse linguistic backgrounds, who are settled here, share their unique culture and talk about their experiences in this city.

Shabbir and Jumana moved to Bangalore from Surat seven years back. Shabbir came here looking for a job while Jumana joined him after marriage. 

When asked about their initial days in Bangalore, Jumana says, “It was a little difficult to adjust to the lifestyle here. When I moved in, I only had two or three people whom I could rely on during emergencies, and Surat being a small city, everything was available in a 11 km radius. But here, the distance was something I had to cope with and also the traffic here is crazy.” 

Jumana says it was important for her to know Kannada as she worked as an interior designer. “I gradually learnt Kannada as I had to communicate with my staff. Now I can manage with the little bit of Kannada I know,” she says. “I have picked up a few key words,” adds Shabbir. 

Talking about the work culture, Shabbir says, “Surat is a trading hub and a business city whereas Bangalore is place for innumerable job opportunities, especially the IT sector. This city has undergone a major transformation - 20 years back it was a city for retired people but today it’s known for its young crowd. The IT sector has changed it from an old man’s paradise to youth’s hub which brings in more vibrancy and life to the city.” 

Jumana adds, “Work life here is more professional and systematic as compared to Surat. Even if we go to a bank here, our work gets done quickly, but in Surat it’s a more laid-back atmosphere. There’s definitely an edge when it comes to the work culture in Bangalore.” 

   The frequent hangout place for the couple is Brigade Road. They feel it’s a nice place as there you find good crowd. 

“We usually do not go out on weekends due to the bad traffic but sometimes we watch a movie or go on a long holiday. There isn’t much to do in Bangalore, apart from malls, and that’s something that we don’t like to do. A good long holiday is something we prefer and we have gone to a lot of places in-and-around Bangalore like Coorg, Mysore, Hampi and so on,” says Jumana.  

   Jumana is also all praises for the BMTC, “The bus connectivity is just amazing here. I always commute by bus; it’s safe and easy considering the bad traffic and pathetic roads that might even leave one injured.”

“Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city as people come from other parts of the country as well. We would definitely recommend people to live in this city as it’s a young and happening. The one humble suggestion for all Bangaloreans out there is to stop chopping trees and plant more trees to bring back Bangalore’s name of ‘Green City’” they say.