Don't depend on media, meet people, says Modi

Don't depend on media, meet people, says Modi

 Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been asking his ministers to stay away from the media to avoid any controversy, advised BJP MPs not to depend on coverage in newspaper and television to reach out to the people.

Instead, he said the MPs should directly go to the people and explain works being carried out by various ministers and departments since the new government assumed office.

Modi, who has been holding meetings with party MPs from different states during the Budget Session, also told them about the dos and don’ts in public life.  “If you want to give a message to the public don’t purely depend on the media. Rather, it would be better if you meet them directly and explain to them,” he reportedly said during a meeting with elected representatives.

Modi, who chaired a meeting of first time party MPs soon after his government came to power, has announced that he will be meeting them in groups during every Parliament session. “Media may tell your side of the story today but they will criticise you the next day. It is always better to meet the people and explain your side of the story,” he reportedly said.

It is learnt that the prime minister has asked his MPs to explain to the people about the work that the NDA government has been doing since it came to power at the Centre, including control of prices of essential commodities, ending corruption and giving better administration.

He also advised them to tell the people about reasons for rail fare, diesel price hike and the need to take tough decisions to save government institutions and the country’s economy.