'Third-eye' to monitor cops at police stations

'Third-eye' to monitor cops at police stations

CCTV cameras installed, bringing police under e-surveillance

'Third-eye' to monitor cops at police stations

Monitoring the speed of Police department vehicles, use of Blackberry handsets to impose fine on traffic offenders, camera trapping method to record violations and CCTV cameras at police stations to ensure transparency.

To instil discipline among the rank and file and also to curb corruption, the city police have launched an exercise to install close circuit TV cameras at police stations. Recently, on August 10, N R Traffic Police Station on Ashoka Road, here, was brought under e-surveillance with five cameras at different places in the station. So, it has become the first among the four traffic police stations in the city to be equipped with the third-eye.

A month ago, two cameras had been installed at Vijayanagar (law and order) Station. In some other stations, it is under process. At N R station, the cameras have been installed near the main gate, main entrance, inside and outside the inspector’s chamber and the main hall inside the station, where the lower rung staff are seated.

The cameras are connected to a TV monitor inside the inspector’s chamber from where the officer can keep track of the happenings inside and outside the station.

According to an official, the cameras are multipurpose, as they cover the main entrance and also record the happenings on the road to a particular radius. The footage can be stored for 45 days.

In the next stage, the system can be upgraded to higher version — enabling the user to monitor the happenings on his or her cellphone with the help of internet.At Vijayanagar one camera has been installed inside and one outside the station. Gradually, the cameras will be installed at remaining police stations in the city.

Police Commissioner M A Saleem said, the installation of cameras is a recent addition to reforms being brought in the Police department to ensure transparency in the administration.