Errors in Accountancy textbook to be rectified

Errors in Accountancy textbook to be rectified

The committee responsible for printing pre-university accountancy textbooks will ensure that the errors in the textbook are rectified for the second edition that will come out in the next academic year, according to the chairman of the committee.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Siraj Ur Rehman, chairman of the committee and principal of Government PU College, Ramnagar, said the committee would invite feedback from lecturers.

Rehman said the Department of Pre-University Education was presently training the lecturers on the new syllabus and the committee would bring this up on the same platform.

“The lecturers can give us feedback about it and we will ensure that the next edition comes out without any errors,” he added. However, the committee has maintained that there were no conceptual errors in the textbook. “The errors that have been found are pertaining to printing mistakes. For instance, instead of the number 12, 2 might have been printed,” he said.

On accountancy, he added one would not spot mistakes unless one solved the problems. The committee will request the lecturers to solve the problems and point out mistakes, if any, he said.

Deccan Herald had published a report (August 11, 2014) about the errors in the PU accountancy textbooks.