Husband guns down woman

Husband guns down woman

Killer arrested within hours of murdering her

A man shot his 40-year-old wife following a quarrel at outer Delhi’s Kanjhawala during the wee hours of Wednesday.

He was arrested at a relative’s home within hours of the murder.

Neighbours told police that the couple often fought loudly, drawing the attention of local residents.

For reasons unknown to the neighbours, the duo shared a strained relationship but had been living together with their four children in a small house in Neer Vihar of Kanjhawala.
It was one of those regular fights on Tuesday night. The couple kept the neighbours awake till late in the night with their loud quarrel.

It continued even when the residents slept off.

“They were awakened by the sound of a gunshot. Some of them emerged from their homes to find him escaping from the house. They then informed police,” said a police officer.

A police team rushed Mamta to a hospital where she was declared brought dead. She had received a shot in her head and died due to excessive bleeding, said police.

The couple’s children told police that the quarrel had turned violent around 4 am on Wednesday on which Budhdhan had pulled out a pistol from a rack and shot their mother.

Police launched a manhunt for him and arrested him in the afternoon. He is being interrogated about the source of the country-made pistol and whether he was involved in similar crimes in the past.