Divinity gets a designer sheen

Divinity gets a designer sheen

Religious Idols

A motichoor laddoo or modak is a must in Ganesha’s hand while Bal Gopal can be allowed to play with butter.

 Such detailing is often paid attention to when buying a deity idol. Janamashtami is round the corner followed by Ganesh Chaturthi where people go shopping for the perfect Ganesha to be ushered into their homes. It is the design and style that makes for a perfect idol. 

Though available in almost every possible material, from terracotta to gold, the idols of Indian deities are not just sculptures but representative of the faith of the mortals and are therefore selected with utmost care by believers. On the part of the designers, a lot of research and development goes into the design element for even the smallest of details like “Which side the trunk of Lord Ganesha should turn because if it is on the right then one will have to worship the idol on a daily basis,” says Poonam Gupta, founder and CEO of Alchemy De Luxe, which is into making contemporary silverware.  

“We ensure than our craftsmen don’t have to work in an environment where they feel hassled by any stressful factor because they need to get involved in the making of the idol. If a craftsman is not in the mood then he is not bound to make the perfect idol. Our emphasis is not just on production but creation of limited pieces with bhavas that provide peace to the onlooker. We also emphasise on the mudras and ensure that the subtlety in each piece is maintained.”

The facial expression of Lord Hanuman with cymbals in his hands and a mace placed in front is a perfect example of craftsmanship coupled with modernity. Even the idol of Lord Ganesha designed as if the deity is relaxing is striking. 

“The golden crown on the head of this Ganesha idol was created to provide a balanced view, since he is shown leaning towards the left,” says Kapil Hetamsaria, co-founder and CEO of velvetcase.com. “This piece, done in sterling silver with few sections done in gold or gold plate, is one of our top selling products. The dhoti of Ganesha and his eyes are done with red enamelling work to make it appear realistic. The range of silver Ganeshas starts from Rs 10,000 and goes up according to the customisation demands,” he informs.

For those with lesser budgets, there is a variety of multicoloured idols of Lord Krishna depicting his childhood and adulthood, with Radha. Made out of fibre, these idols desig-ned in various sizes can be not just a perfect purchase for Janamashtami but also a perfect gift for others. 

“Different idol makers get an access to showcase their products on our website and the best part is that these idols are washable,” says Vineshkumar Kunhiraman, founder and CEO, High5store.com. A number of online portals have started selling these idols at affordable prices which has attracted many buyers. After all it is just one more addition to your heavenly pantheon!