'There is a lot of street fashion here'

'There is a lot of street fashion here'

Designer Talk

Mumbai-based designer Dionne Claudette Alves was recently in the Bangalore to showcase her collection at ‘Bangalore Fashion Week’.

 It was her first time in the City and she was excited to be here. She took some time off her hectic schedule to talk to ‘Metrolife’ about her love affair with fashion.  “This is actually a funny story. When I was in sixth standard, I didn’t like math and in order to distract myself from the subject, I started to draw and sketch. I started with human bodies and I automatically started putting clothes on them. After that, I never stopped drawing. I still have my drawings from the sixth standard. I just knew immediately that I have to become a designer. After that, I pursued my dream and now I am 24. I think I am probably the youngest here,” says the artist. 

She says fashion for her is anything you can carry off. “It’s not about good fashion but about how you carry it off; you should set your own trend. You don’t wear clothes because you see others wearing them. Even if something is not a trend, you should think it is  and wear it yourself.” 

The collection she showcased at the fashion week was a unique one based on the popular book and TV series, ‘Game of Thrones’. “I had done my previous collection based on the World Wars and it was all about women empowerment.

 From there, I was inspired by the newer and the blue, the tail and whites that one can see in ‘Game of Thrones’. However, it is my take on the modern world if that world really did exist.” She added that she can visualise the characters of her show in modern days dressed in her clothes.

 “Even though there were just three men, they complemented each of the outfits,” she says. She adds, “I am a big fan of the TV show and I love their fashion and the characters. My favourite character is Calise.”  She says the fashion in Bangalore is different from what it is back home. “There is a lot of street fashion here. People are more louder in Mumbai while it is more traditional here I have noticed. Fashion here is very different as compared to Bombay. Like I said, it is more traditional here. Unfortunately I don’t design much Indian designs.” 

She already has a collection of gowns coming out in December. “I want my own set of exhibitions and shows,” she sums up.