Infosys moves to revamp US sales strategy

Infosys moves to revamp US sales strategy

To push meritocracy, likely to hire about 200 biz grads in US, Europe

Infosys moves to revamp US sales strategy

 After signalling its intentions to renew its thrust on innovation, Infosys CEO and MD Vishal Sikka is ushering in changes in the key US market which fetches 60 per cent of the company’s revenues.

An Infosys spokesperson told Deccan Herald, the company is infusing fresh blood into its US sales team by recruiting more local talent. And, letting go of under-performers in the process.

According to Infosys Chief Operating Officer U B Pravin, the changes are a regular process for companies focused on meritocracy and performance. “We are no different,” he said.

“As a performance-driven organisation with a focus on meritocracy, we periodically review our employee performance as per predefined and agreed upon parameters. 

Those who are unable to deliver on their agreed goals are counselled, mentored and given opportunities to improve. If such employees are still unable to meet their stated commitments, we let them go. This process applies to all employees uniformly and is not region or function specific,” he said. Sikka has made his intentions clear to focus further on growing revenues from the Americas. 

The company recently concluded its annual sales meet in the US, where Sikka laid out the strategic imperatives of the company going forward.

The meet also saw business leaders across the board discuss how the company would enable and empower sales teams to grow business globally and the role the sales force would play in helping craft the success story of the company.

Uptick in demand

“We are witnessing an uptick in demand from clients in the region, and hence, there is strong focus on strengthening our sales teams in this market,” he said.

Through the last two quarters, Infosys deployed about 150 of our delivery-side executives as account managers to bring more value to clients and enhance our sales capabilities. These individuals are primarily from technical backgrounds, have good knowledge of the client landscape and have been involved in successful delivery of ongoing projects.

“Additionally, we plan to hire about 200 graduates from renowned business schools in the US and Europe to induct fresh talent into our sales force globally. Eighty such recruits are already on-board and are undergoing induction,” Pravin said.

With a stronger sales team and a revamped approach towards serving clients better, Infosys will be more proactive and propose new ideas. 

“Based on our understanding of our client’s business, we want to suggest ways to accelerate innovation and business benefits beyond the expected outcome. We expect to not only add new clients to our portfolio but also grow our business with existing clients with innovative products, solutions and services,” commented Pravin on the churn on the sales team front. Asked about areas where Infosys is planning to focus in this region, he said since the opportunities for application of software is tremendous and where the company has a traditional hold, it would be looking at tapping opportunities presented by emerging technologies. “We will focus on innovative technologies that will transform the way technology is applied by businesses and consumed by customers. It is not about reducing the focus on the conventional edge; it is about doing the conventional differently,” he said.