Going back in time

Going back in time

Timeless tunes

A musical journey - Junoon - which has been successfully staged across several cities was staged in Bangalore recently. The show was a wonderful blend of filmy qawaalis, filmy sufi songs and old hits. 

The audience had the opportunity to witness a variety of songs like Yaari Hai Imaan Mera, Inhi Logon Ne, Chatda Sooraj Dheere, Laagi Tumse Man Ki Lagan, Teri Deewani, Khwaja Mere Khwaja, Beshak Mandir, Yari Hai Eman, Lambi Judai just to mention a few Junoon’ was performed by new talents like Rahul Jadhav, Vivek Pandey, Kavitha Kocharekar and Radhika Atre.
 They set the stage on fire with their sufi and qawaali renditions. The audience erupted with joy when Raju Jadhav began singing the verses of Parda Hai Parda. A few people even took to dancing to the same tunes. “I just loved the whole arrangement and the singing, it was a blissful musical journey,” said Nishant. It wasn’t just a treat for sufi and qawaali lovers, Junoon even had something set aside for the Bollywood enthusiasts in the crowd and they weren’t disappointed. Kavitha and Radhika sang Kahe Ched Ched Mohe. 

   “I am a little familiar with Bollywood and some of the songs which were sung were much better than the originals,” said Ann. 

   Another listener, Vinay, added, “I have always loved sufi music and in today’s show my favourite song was Parda Hai Parda.” 

Sandeep Panchwatkar, the producer of Junoon said, “To break the monotony, we included classic ‘mujras’ and folk songs. And all the four singers really well. We had different songs in which the young talent could explore their voices. We have  performed around 400 cities but I can easily say that Bangalore was the best. The audience here was lively and they enjoyed our performance thoroughly, which encouraged us to perform better.” 

He summed up, “Sufi and ‘qawaali’ are both an expression of devotion to god. Both connect the listener to god on a spiritual and physical level.”