Are you suffering from always on stress?

Are you suffering from always on stress?

Are you suffering from always on stress?

Are you a victim of "always on" stress? Give your smartphone worries a break even if the battery goes dead or there are no signals to connect to a call.

According to a study, more and more people are showing signs of "always on stress induced by smartphone addiction.

"The negative impacts of this 'always on' culture are that your mind is never resting. You are not giving your body time to recover so you are always stressed," Christine Grant, an occupational psychologist at Coventry University's centre for research in psychology, behaviour and achievement, told BBC.

The more tired and stressed we get, the more mistakes we make. Physical and mental health can suffer, she added.

The fact that we can stay connected to the workplace wherever we are in the world is feeding deep-seated insecurities, she contended.

In her research, she found a number of people who were burnt out because they were travelling with technology all the time, no matter what time zone they were in.

Women are at greater risk of developing stress.

"The triple shift of office, home and smartphone use late in night can have quite an impact on their health," Grant noted.

The addiction has reached such a proportion that to monitor smartphone usage, a Pittsburgh-based developer Kevin Holesh has developed an app called Moment. The app enables users to see how much time they are spending on the device, the report added.