Don't be rigid

Don't be rigid

 When life takes a different course, we feel restricted; we wanted that other path. Learn to be flexible, write Bharat & Shalan Savur.

If you want to be somewhere else all the time, you make being here a prison. A traffic jam can be a prison. An illness can be a prison. Even your own home, office, mind can be a prison. 

Not wanting to be here, looking for every opportunity to escape elsewhere imposes a terrific strain on the knee-joints; they are constantly deluged with the message, “I want to run to that place but I’m stuck here!” They feel helpless, frozen, constricted. Free them! ‘I-am-happy-to-be-here’ is a powerful attitude. Adopt it. It brings peace to the mind and relaxation to your body’s joints. 

The trick is to do away with the automatic ‘Oh no!’ groan and invoke the ‘Oh yes!’ response. You need to train your mind to dance even in a dilemma, an irony, a catastrophe! You need to make this mental dance, rather than the mental droop, a habit. Because your body responds to such messages. 
To send your body the right messages, repeat these seven resolves thrice a day: n  I have a serene, stable temperament. n  I am completely relaxed. n  I have a beautiful life. n  I am very fortunate. n  The entire universe supports me. n  I am happy to be here.n Simplicity, bliss, happiness dance in me.  
While training the mind to remain happy and positive in all situations, it is also essential to stay fit physically. 

So, make it a matter of habit to exercise regularly. When body is loose and flexible, your mind, too, tends to be loose and flexible. In fact, affirm this thought as you sit on the chair, feet flat on the floor. Now, raise your left leg until it’s parallel to the floor, hold for a count of 5 and lower. Repeat five times. Then, repeat the same with your right leg. Do this at least two or three times in a day; you can do this even at office.

Stationary cycling with its resistance set at zero is another powerful joint healer. The continuous motion of the legs stimulates the synovial fluid to circulate freely around the joints. Thus lubricated, the joints move fluidly, with a pain-free flexibility.

It’s like ice and water; when ice melts, the stiffness vanishes and creates water, that is free-flowing. With pedalling, spring returns to the limbs, the heels, the spirit.