Another remake falls flat

Another remake falls flat

Another remake falls flat

Kannada (U/A) ¬¬
Director: Nandakrishore
Cast: Sharan, Chikkanna, Heba Patel, Ramesh Bhat, Ravi Shankar, Raksha

Sharan and his brand of corny comedy seems to the flavour of Sandalwood.

After Smt Jayalalitha, he is back with the boisterous, risque romcom Adhyaksha. A remake of Tamil film Varuthapaada Valibar Sangam, Adhyaksha is a Xerox except that it’s rooted in the local rural milieu brimming with Gowda rivalries, taunts and tongue-lashings.

Sharan plays Chandrashekar Gowda, a bumpkin with a heart of gold, and Narayana, his comrade, in arms. The twosome are up to tricks, ribbing about everyone, when not eyeing village teacher Kalyani.

A smitten Chandra seeks to court her through missives for which he commissions her student Aishwarya as his carrier pigeon. Now, Aishwarya is the doe-eyed daughter of village chieftain, the gun-toting Shivarudre Gowda.

Roused by rivals that his darling would elope one day, Shivarudre keeps a hawk-eye on Aishwarya. However, she falls for the charms of Chandra.

Adhyaksha is strictly for Sharan’s fans. Arjun Janya’s lilting score soothes your otherwise frayed date with Adhyaksha.