'Govt couldn't segregate merit candidates from tainted'

'Govt couldn't segregate merit candidates from tainted'

 Advocate General Ravivarma Kumar, who has been targeted by parties for the government’s decision to reject the selection of gazetted probationers for 2011, has defended the action.

Speaking to reporters after the Independence day celebrations at the High Court, Kumar said that the decision was necessary as the Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) needs to undergo a lot of changes and ensure a corruption-free selection process.

Noting that he sympathised with candidates who were selected on merit, he said that the government’s decision was aimed at preventing corruption.

“We will neither allow injustice to people at any cost nor will we tolerate any corruption,” he said.

Pointing out that the selection list for 2011 was faulty, Kumar said that the government was unable to segregate the meritorious candidates from those selected by corrupt means.

‘No political inclination’

Noting that the candidates selected by KPSC should not have any political inclination, he said, “If the candidate is appointed through corrupt means, the entire administration will be affected. The promise of good governance will remain a distant dream,” he said.

Kumar said that keeping in mind the meritorious students who are deprived of appointments, the suggestion for age relaxation for the next examination has been made.