'Kothi Rama' detained for scaling VV Tower

'Kothi Rama' detained for scaling VV Tower

'Kothi Rama' detained for scaling VV Tower

Jyothi Raj, popularly known as the ‘Local Spiderman’ for effortlessly dangling from many feet in the air, was detained by the Cubbon Park on Friday for scaling the Visvesvaraya Tower on Ambedkar Veedhi without obtaining any official permission. He was later let off with a stern warning.

Jyothi Raj, also known as ‘Kothi Rama’, scaled the VV Tower without wearing any safety gear in an attempt to hoist the National Flag on Independence Day. As he began climbing the building, TV news channels relayed his stunts.

With the electronic media telecasting his stupendous climbing of one of the City’s high-rises, it would have been a smooth affair for Jyothi Raj but for a senior police officer who saw this stunt and the TV crew around the building and called the jurisdictional police.

The policemen, who arrived at the spot, detained Jyothi Raj as soon as they went to the top of the building.

“He didn’t have the necessary permission from the authorities concerned to scale the building. He hadn’t put on any safety gear either,” the Cubbon Park police said.

Jyothi Raj was later taken to the police station and detained for some time before being let off with a stern warning. Police warned that they would arrest him if he repeated such acts without any prior permission.

Jyothi Raj, from Tamil Nadu, came to Chitradurga some years ago and started training in rock climbing.

He became popular after climbing some rocks and walls of Chitradurga Fort, and was featured in some television shows on rebirth.

He had even attempted to climb the Jog Falls rock a couple of years ago.