BMTC commuters yearn for that smooth ride

BMTC commuters yearn for that smooth ride

Intelligent transport system may end long-standing woes

BMTC commuters yearn for that smooth ride

Some problems eternally continue to dog the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) and commuters suffer unendingly.

Even as the BMTC marches ahead technologically by introducing several initiatives like intelligent transport system (ITS), smart cards and mobile apps to know bus timings, it has not bothered to settle long-standing woes of the users.

The commuters continue to remain worked up with issues like non-availability of direct buses connecting several destinations, conductors refusing to tender exact change, buses skipping designated stops, lack of buses on a few routes, etc, to which there are so solutions in sight.

A few commuters allege that they are forced to buy monthly passes, in the absence of connecting buses.

For instance, there are no direct buses between Indiranagar/Domlur TTMC and Banashankari, while there is a good bus connectivity between Indiranagar/Domlur/Dell and Madiwala/Masjid/Market/Silk Board/Jayadeva.

Say, a person wants to travel from Dell to Banashankari. He has to change three buses to reach his destination. First, he has to catch a bus from Dell to Madiwala or Silk Board. From there, he has to take a bus to Jayadeva Hospital and from Jayadeva, he has to board a bus to Banashankari.

Fare three times higher

Consequently, the total fare for all three buses is three times higher.Higher than the fare of a direct bus (if any) from Dell to Banashankari. Under such circumstances, the commuters are forced to buy bus passes, said Murali, a commuter.

Instead of adding more buses on the same routes, BMTC officials should get a survey done of the places which are not connected to others parts of the City and introduce new buses on such routes. Another persistent problem for the commuters is change. A majority of complaints pertains to conductors’ refusal to give change to the commuters and insistence that they pay the exact amount.

There are allegations that conductors are quick to offer change to those who do not insist for tickets.

 Despite monthly drives by the vigilance staff and detection of huge pilferage of revenue, there seems to be no end to the problem.

Senior BMTC officials are of the opinion that the Corporation was making constant efforts to ensure that the commuters enjoy a smooth ride. They claim that most of the problems will be addressed, once ITS becomes a reality.

Another important demand by commuters which is being overlooked by BMTC is the plying of night buses in the City. In the absence of late night bus schedules, commuters are forced to hire autorickshaws at exorbitant fares.

This apart, drivers stop buses at signals, skip designated stops or force commuters to get down in the middle of the road and hamper movement of other vehicles.

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