'We will not leave Hyderabad a minute before the deadline'

'We will not leave Hyderabad a minute before the deadline'

Parakala Prabhakar, advisor to Andhra  Pradesh Government, was a prominent face opposing the division of the state until the formation of Telangana. He spoke to JBS Umanadh of Deccan Herald.

Telangana and AP government don’t see eye to eye on many issues particularly irrigation, education and employment. What has triggered such a situation?The Telangana government has not come out of the agitation mode. The TRS- led government is still pursuing the same hate campaign which it has been practicing to divide the people even after coming into power. Initially, K Chandrasekhar Rao was demanding separate state for better administration, now after bifurcations is hell bent on dividing Telugu people. The acts of the TRS government are hostile towards people from Coastal and Rayalaseema region. The Telangana government is refusing to adhere to Article 371D that safeguards the interests of the local people.
The AP government is also objecting to KCR’s move to fix nativity.Telangana government has set 1956 as a cut-off year for nativity and all other benefits that a citizen of the country should get making lakhs of Telugu people who have settled down in Telangana. The cuto-ff year, denies them their right of education and employment opportunities. People from other states even those from Telangana will not be able to provide proof of residency as demanded by the government.  
Why AP government is demanding handing over of law order to Governor when there is no breakdown of law order in the common capital of Hyderabad?Now, the mega survey is nothing but a ploy to identify and target people from the Coastal and Rayalaseema region living in Telangana. KCR has designed the survey in such way that the wedge between the people will ensure he will continue reaping benefits to his party. The AP government had invited KCR to attend the swearing in ceremony of Chandrababu Naidu in Guntur so that a channel for diplomacy could be opened. But KCR loves to hate us. Probably, they want to continue the animosity that was created during the decade-long agitation.When the intensions of the Telangana government are very clear, what we simply demanded is the implementation of the provisions provided in the AP Reorganisation Act to safeguard the interests of people living in the common capital at least for 10 years.
Is the Union government sympathetic towards your demand, no action in this regard was taken so far?Union home minister Rajnath Singh has initiated the process. He also made it amply clear that the move is not against Telangana government. The provisions under Schedule 8 of the Act are not aimed at taking away the rights of the state government. Calling Prime Minister a fascist by KCR only reinforces apprehensions of the Telugu people that the KCR’s government is in a mood to target them and discriminate them in every possible way. I think the Centre will take the process to its logical end, as such a provision is provided in the Act which was passed by Parliament.
Senior IAS officers of AP were shunted out of their offices, common institutions have been scrapped and taken over by Telangana government, and renamed. But why you are not able to counter the Telangana government’s unilateral steps?These acts are in violation of the Reorganisation Act. Certain organisations were meant to cater to the needs of both the states for a decade. The Telangana government has taken over NG Ranga Agriculture University, veterinary university and others and renamed them. On our part we have written to the Telangana government not to hurry on the issue. For example changing the Haj board in the name of Telangana has put the Haj plans of thousands of Muslims from AP in jeopardy. We have taken these issues to the Governor and we understand  the Governor has already advised the Telangana government not to resort to such moves.
You have scrapped Power Purchase Agreements, which is seen as a step of aggression by the AP government, why further aggravate the situation?We have rejected the Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission order which said power purchase agreements entered into between AP Genco and various distribution companies were valid and need to be honoured. Our argument is that the regulator has no jurisdiction over the issue. As per the provisions in the ACT, the joint regulator has a role to function for six months or till such time a new regulator is formed by the State. Andhra Pradesh created a new regulatory commission on August 1. So, any decision taken by the regulator is not binding on Andhra Pradesh. APERC does not have jurisdiction to decide on issues between the two States.
It is said Telangana government’s hostile attitude has forced AP government to shift administration to Vijayawada even before the 10- year deadline, on adhoc basis.  We are not leaving Hyderabad even a minute earlier than required. We have a constitutional guarantee to run our offices from here. But we know that we cannot provide an effective administration by sitting 160 km away from the state. So we are looking for alternative arrangements till the selection committee suggest a suitable place and a final decision is taken. But we are not leaving Hyderabad till the last minute.

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