Delhi couple vow against female foeticide

Delhi couple vow against female foeticide

As newlywed Tarun and Swati got their marriage registered, they took another vow to complement the ones that solemnised their union, one which made them promise that they “shall not indulge in female foeticide”.

In a significant initiative, the Delhi government is asking all newly-weds to take an oath that they will not indulge in female foeticide and will take care of the girl child just like they would a boy.

The initiative by the  Revenue Department which kick-started on August 9 has so far had four newlyweds taking the pledge.

“We have started administering the oath to the newlyweds who visit the additional district magistrates’ offices to register their marriage after tying the knot.

“The idea is to create awareness against female foeticide and encourage people to not opt for sonography to find out the sex of their children as that is illegal,” said Som Naidu, ADM, Revenue Department.

But the official said that taking the pledge is not compulsory to get the marriage registered.

“Couples do it voluntarily. We just request them to take the oath. We give them the handout and each of them read it (the oath) aloud to take the vow,” he said.