'Check rash riding on Rahmania Street'

'Check rash riding on Rahmania Street'

With speeding motors causing raucous sound, snatching the peace of locals at Rahmania Street, some of the residents urged Lashmipuram Police personnel to take a serious note of the problem.

Participating in the monthly police public grievances redressal meeting, held at Lakshmipuram station, here, on Sunday, some of the locals brought to the notice of the policemen that two motorbikes and an autorickshaw have become troublesome of late. They belong to outsiders and zoom off in no time, making repeated entry and exits. The locals advised the police to intensify patrolling by police control room (PCR) vehicles.

Another woe was related to Chamundeshwari Electricity Supply Corporation (Cesc) Limited. A youth from Krishnamurthypuram sought police help in reaching the grievance to Cesc, as a dangling electric line near Vyasaraja Mutt is inviting danger.

In their replies, the police personnel appealed to the locals to note the registration number of such troublemaking vehicles and pass it on to the police control room. While they promised to play the role of a facilitator to remove the precariously hanging wire.

In view of Ganesha festival on August 29, the police requested the gathering to maintain peace like in the past. In a reaffirming tone, a youth belonging to different religion reminded the police that even during the recent Lok Sabha elections, the communal harmony prevailed in the locality, a precedent set in the past.