The fall of the Wall and beyond

The fall of the Wall and beyond

Helga Paris Photography’, a photo exhibition by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations, will be held till August 30 at Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan. The timing is from 2 pm to 6.30 pm (It is closed on Sundays and holidays).

Helga Paris, born in 1938, occupies an outstanding position in German photography. In her work, she approaches the people she portrays with personal interest and compassion. The resulting pictures greatly transcend the bounds of a ‘social study’.

Paris brings forth the subject’s personality in each portrait and thus reveals the human uniqueness of these individuals behind their social and public roles. Paris, who has lived in the East Berlin district of Prenzlauer Berg since 1966, is the chronicler of the long East German postwar period.  

For over four decades, she trained her keen and compassionate eye on the people that experienced this era. This selection of her photographs tells of the melancholic vitality of East Berlin corner bars and the poetic dilapidation of old Berlin streets in the 1970s.

 One encounters trash collectors, rebelliously angry and ‘cool’ young adults, and proud women textile workers. And travels to Poland, Georgia, and Transylvania and wander through the central German industrial city of Halle, a Diva in Grau  (Diva in Gray).

After the fall of the Berlin Wall, the photographer embarked on an in-depth analysis of her own early wartime and postwar experiences. Groups of works on this theme are also on show.

This exhibition will travel through several cities on this current tour of the South Asian region. Entry is free. For details, call 25205305/6/7/8 or visit;