'I would have been a doctor'

'I would have been a doctor'

'I would have been a doctor'

Sandalwood actress Pranitha Subhash was recently seen walking the ramp for Bangalore-based designer Shivali Singh. She caught up with Metrolife for a chat and  shared her love for acting.

“Acting is so much fun. In the beginning, I would say I had various other reasons for why I got into acting but now, after being in the industry for some years, I have been enjoying it. Acting brings out a different you every time and you get to do certain things  you wouldn’t do in real life. You get to be different characters in different films, which is the best part,” she said.

 She added that she is super comfortable behind the camera. “Most of the times, I don’t even realise there is a camera there. It’s more like I’ve gotten used to it.”
 If not an actor, what would she see herself as? “I would have been a doctor because both my parents are doctors and we have a hospital. There was a lot of pressure on me to become a doctor.”

The star has her plate full in the upcoming months. “I am doing a couple of Kannada and Telugu movies. I am looking at variety although I have already had a lot of it, be it playing a village belle or a rich Hyderabadi girl. But then, I would love to experiment with new things.” she said. 

Already well-versed in Kannada, Telugu and Hindi, she plans to expand her film repertoire.

 “I can speak Tamil konjum konjum. I recently saw Priyanka Chopra's ‘Mary Kom’ trailer, and I don’t know what to say...if someone can take it to that level then the benchmark is set too high.” she raves.

How was her experience on the ramp? “I always thought it was super easy to walk the ramp because you just dress up and walk. But it is much harder than that. I was like, ‘Oh my god, everybody is looking at me’. In movies, it is different as everybody is looking at you but you are not looking at them. This was a different experience but fun.”