A collaborative space

A collaborative space

A collaborative space

What does the word ‘social’ mean? Cambridge Dictionary defines it as ‘an occasion when the members of a group or organisation meet informally to enjoy themselves’. But what does it mean in the current context, with the invasion of technology?

Wikipedia defines ‘social media’ as ‘social interaction among groups in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks’. By cutting out the human interaction bit, the word ‘socialising’ has attained a whole new meaning these days.

Church Street Social started out as just another resto-pub, but has turned into an innovative new idea that has started to attract the youngsters in the City.

Located close to Empire, the inconspicuous hangout has turned into one of the most happening places in Bangalore overnight.

“We never thought we’d find a place like this, nor did we imagine working from a place like this. It’s very happening yet quiet,” says Preetham Murthy, founder of 300 Feet Eco Solutions.

He and his partner, Aditya Seshnath, have been working from Church Street Social for the past month because they needed a workspace and were provided all the resources here.

They aren’t the only start-up that can be found at the resto-pub. “We wanted people to come together. So we wanted to create this community which starts helping other start-ups and businesses. People are looking for advertisers, promotions and a 360-degree solution and we want to offer that through Social,” says Pria Rao, the communication head for Social’s. 

For the past month, the hangout and eatery has been providing a space for start-ups to work during the afternoons. After 3 pm, the top level is cordoned off from the general public and is used for start-ups that are provided with all the necessary facilities including Wi-Fi, stationery and more. People have to go through a screening process and pay Rs 5000 a month.

Why is it so important to meet face-to-face? “As an entrepreneur, it provides an opportunity to meet different kinds of people and that’s the important thing. You don’t know where and when help will come,” says Aditya.

“Church Street Social is not about just coming, dining and socialising. It covers a 360 degree aspect of being social. People are so connected to each other digitally, we don’t generally see people coming together. So that is why we wanted to keep it offline; when you can think, brainstorm and come up with great ideas on the spot,” says Pria.

What makes Church Street Social different from any other restaurant? “Our whole idea for the place was to inspire people, and people have to inspire the place. That is why we give a trial because this is not for everyone. The main idea was to have a collaborative space,” says Pria. She adds, “And we are very different when it comes to the dining experience.”

Not only can start-ups work there, but in the evening they can head down to party or order a scrumptious meal for lunch. Social has decided to take the word very seriously.   

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