Security matters

Security matters

A key to any kind of security, vigilance has to be employed for the safety of the common man.

Come Independence/Republic Day, all the states are put on high alert and are asked to beef up the security. Security is also beefed up whenever there is bomb blast anywhere in the country.

At least, that is what our prime minister or home minister tells the media after the incident. Security is tightened even when any VIP or their siblings visit a town to inaugurate a barber shop!

However, one can notice that the so called security is strengthened at places of importance, bus stands, railway stations, airports, cinemas and malls for just a day or two and thereafter life is back to normal as if the threat has been allayed for ever.

But look at these ‘beefed up’ security measures. Rickety and sometimes non functional metal detectors installed at the entrance of railway stations with one or no security guard to monitor any beep.

In smaller towns, the security guard will have just a stick in his/her hand, no gun. Anyone wanting to avoid the metal detector can easily enter the platform from the vast open railway track from both sides of the platform where there would be no one to check.

At multiplexes and malls, even if two security guards are made to stand at the entrance, there is still a chance of someone entering from the basement or car parking lot via lift! No check point for lift users. What’s more, the security guard at the temple can easily be tricked if ‘prasadam’ is offered to him.

Interestingly, while security is really tightened at the residences of our politicians in the ruse of “threat to their life”, the same threat does not apply to a common man on the street, those travelling in local trains or buses, and hence no security. Unfortunately, what is lacking is vigilance. This is a key word for security. Vigilance should not only for the government but also for “we the people.”

All shops, market places, historical sites, educational institutions, air, railway/bus stations prone to any kind of attacks (not only terrorist attack but also local communal/ political  attacks) must be covered with high resolution, functional CCTVs to monitor movements of people 24x7, 365 days a year to help take timely action.

The security check at all the toll gates on national highways in the country must be made more stringent throughout the year. The need of the hour is to be aware, be informed and be vigilant, “beefed up” security or not! Happy and safe Independence Day.