Merry medley of painting and photography

Merry medley of painting and photography

Visual art has always served society with various aspects and dimensions of creativity, of life and the living. It has not only brought diverse talents on a single arena but has also given the opportunity for a creative community to grow and flourish.

‘Tabula Rasa’, a group show of painting and photography, organised by Artz Fine Art Gallery, recently, is one such forum where creativity was in full display.

The Latin term ‘Tabula Rasa’ means a ‘blank slate’. It originates from the Roman tabula or a wax tablet used for notes, which was blanked by heating the wax and then smoothing it, to give a ‘tabula rasa’. However, in the context of the exhibition it is a ‘new beginning’, of starting afresh with new ideas, creations
and concepts.

The show, which ended recently in the City, focused mainly on photography and paintings and put forward a contrasting picture between these two mediums. We all know that paintings are the reflection of mindscapes on canvas, where colours, other artistic tools, human subconscious and imagination play a major role.

Whereas photography directly brings out one’s perception via captured images
The exhibition based on ‘plurality of concept and diversions on vision’, showcased creative photography from five young photographers and paintings by five
enthusiastic painters.

Speaking about this show, the curator Debabrota Das enthusiastically said, “Photography and painting are two important sections of visual art and they serve the craving of modern and young art enthusiasts. Such an exhibition is not happening for the first time in the art world, in fact, these days creating or doing something is a nail biting job. But the way I have planned this show is very substantial and genuine. After considering the work of almost 100 artists, we selected few for the show and the unifying factor is their honesty towards work and hunger for change.”

The participating artists included Bhagyashree Patke (photographer), Shiv Kiran (photographer), KB Kapoor (photographer), Rashmi Rathi (photographer) Mohan Jangid (painter), Anuradha Sarin Khurana (painter), Saru (painter), Avinash Deshmukh (painter), etc.