Keeping it short and sweet

Keeping it short and sweet


Feature films are very popular among the masses. But of late, even short films have been finding a lot of takers. Many great directors have made a mark in the industry with their short films based on an array of themes.

Short filmmaking is a form of its own, much different from feature length films. Budding filmmakers start off with this form in an attempt to prove their talent.

The Suchitra Film Society is conducting the fourth Bangalore International Short Film Festival which will be held from August 22 to 24. Over 500 short films have been submitted at this year’s festival, which will feature movies from six continents and 50 countries in more than 65 languages. 

The speciality of this year’s festival is that a number of women filmmakers will be taking part. The short movies include international competition and non-competition films and the best short film packages from BAFTA (UK), InterFilm (Berlinale, Germany) in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Swiss Nex Films (Switzerland) and Indian Film Project. 

Kannada short films will be screened at special section called ‘Karnataka Korner’, which not only includes films from all over Karnataka but also films made in other languages in Karnataka.

Said Prakash Belawadi, who will be reviewing the films, “We started small by inviting entries from the young filmmakers of Bangalore. We were surprised by the number of entries. Some were from other states as well.

The screenings used to done during the weekends and the film crews would take part in a post-screening presentation and discussion of each film. It has now become the annual cinema event of Bangalore.”

The event also sees seminars and workshops conducted for the students and film enthusiast. The three-day festival has delegate pass for students and others priced at Rs 200 and Rs 300 respectively. 

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