The battle is on, finger-style

The battle is on, finger-style

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The battle is on, finger-style

Infinite Souls Farm and Artists Retreat, in association with Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan and Dream Guitars, North Carolina, is organising the ‘All India Finger-style Contest - Finalists!’ on August 24, 8 pm at Bflat, Indiranagar. 

Of 67 audio-video entries sent online, five finalists were selected by the three guitar maestros, Konarak Reddy, Peter Finger (the master of European finger-style) and Claus Boesser-Ferrari (guitar-experimenter par excellence).

 The five finalists are Rhythm Shaw (Kolkata), Manan Gupta (Mumbai),  Devkinandan Patel (Ahmedabad), Joey Sharma (Nagaland/Bangalore) and Taba Chake (Arunachal Pradesh). They will play live at BFlat where an All India Finger-style winner will be selected. All three judges will be present at BFlat.

 In an exciting and last minute development, the judges decided to honour the Bangalore tradition of guitar playing by awarding a ‘Best of Bangalore’ as well. Playing live for this award are some of Bangalore’s most varied and interesting guitarists including Arjun Chandran, Ramanan Chandramouli, Ryal Sequeira, Ritwik Bhattacharya, Sidhanth Jain, Imli Imchen, Aren Longchari and Akash Murthy.

All India Finger-style is the dream child of Konarak Reddy, as a way to offer platforms and artistic challenges to young musicians.  The three maestros will also facilitate a guitar clinic for musicians during the day at Infinite Souls on August 24.  

   Participation in this is on prior registration only. For details, call 9845213857. Tickets are available at