Give edn to children, they will seek their rights naturally: DC

Give edn to children, they will seek their rights naturally: DC

The child right is interlinked with the development of a nation. Without providing basic education to children, we can’t talk about rights, said Deputy Commissioner A B Ibrahim.

He was addressing a gathering during the inaugural ceremony of an awareness programme on protection of child rights and responsibilities of society, organised by Shikshana Sampanmoola Kendragala Okkuta and Child Line 1098, at Roshani Nilaya College here, on Tuesday.

“Though we have more than 5,000 years of rich history, we failed to provide education to all children below 14-years of age and we are failing to retain children who join schools. Is our education field losing its charm? We should not let it happen.

It would increase the number of uneducated youth, social problems and our democracy may be failed. So, we should provide education first and they will seek their rights naturally,” he said.

Speaking after releasing ‘Kanaja,’ a souvenir, DK District Juvenile Justice Board President and Judge Pateela Nagalingana Gowda said that major changes have been done to Juvenile Justice Act after Delhi gang rape incident and the responsibility of board members has been increased.

After observing the crime committed by children belonged to the age between 16 and 18, they have to take decisions on future steps. Expressing his concern about increasing juvenile crimes, Gowda said: “We have act against miscreants who use children as tools and there is a need of deviating children from criminal mindset.”

District Child Welfare Committee (CWC) former president Asha Nayak rued that though people of Dakshina Kannada are considered educated, many sexual harassment cases on children are being reported from this region. In the past three years, more than 60 cases of sexual abuse have been filed.

One can not blame the government each time, but every citizen of society should try his level best to curtail this nuisance, she said.

Inaugurator, DK Zilla Panchayat President Asha Timmappa Gowda blamed parents for increasing juvenile crime rate. Joint families have become nuclear families and in many families there are no grand parents to teach values to children.

Parents slipped in respecting elders and children do the same. Upbringing of children till five years is very important. If child chooses wrong path, it is the responsibility of parents than society, she noted.

Assistant Labour Commissioner D G Nagesh said that the State government has appointed Children’s Security Officer, at every district centres, for the protection of children. The Department of women and child welfare has appointed Makkala Mitra at gram panchayat-level. They help in admitting dropouts back to school, he said.


DC A B Ibrahim felicitated CWC immediate past president Asha Nayak, members Lavanya A Shetty, Dr Sufala F Kotyan, Maheshchandra Nayak, Manjula A Rao, Juvenile Justice Board President Pateela Nagalingana Gowda, Members Srilatha and Dr Rameela Shekhar.

He also welcomed CWC President K Nikhesh Shetty, Members Umesh Nirmal, Kasturi Boluvar, Radha Rao B, Sr Mariola B S and Juvenile Justice Board Members Rennie D’Souza and Srilatha.

Shikshana Sampanmoola Kendragala Okkuta President Madhava Gowda Sulyakodi, ZP Education and Health Standing Committee President C K Chandrakala, District Children’s Protection Officer Usman, PADI Institution Director Rennie D’Souza and others were present.