Drunk woman cries rape, backtracks when sober

Drunk woman cries rape, backtracks when sober

A 23-year-old Afghan national, accused by a woman of raping her, was let off by a city court a few hours after his arrest when the woman backtracked before the magistrate on Tuesday.

A police officer said she told the court that she only had a quarrel with the youth and reported rape after she fell and injured herself in the process.

The officer told this newspaper that the complainant and her female friend were “badly drunk” at the time of approaching police and she refused to go for a medical examination that would determine if she was raped.

The two women had made a call to police control room around 3.15 am on Tuesday and alleged that the 22-year-old woman, who hails from Darjeeling, was raped and thrown on the street by the Afghan who works as a waiter in Hauz Rani of south Delhi.

“The women created a ruckus at Malviya Nagar police station. There were discrepancies in their statements and they could not even record their statements properly,” said the officer.
He added that it took the women over two hours after arriving at the police station to come back to senses to understand what was happening.

Police had arrested the accused, charged him with rape and produced him before a magistrate.
“The girls were totally ‘sober’ by then and said no rape had taken place,” the officer said.

No action was taken against the women either by the court or police. Police said it was unlikely the women had been threatened to withdraw their statements. The complainant was known to the Afghan for last few months.

The other woman had accompanied her to his house where they drank together, said police. The complainant was soon involved in a quarrel with him.

The Afghan had arrived in India in 2012 and had been working as a waiter ever since. The women, both residents of Munirka, worked as beauticians.