Standing out in the crowd

Standing out in the crowd

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Meghna Babu

This third-year BA (Journalism) student from Mount Carmel College is wearing a pink chiffon top from Zara, leggings from Forever 21 and heels. 
I like to wear clothes that are simple yet fashionable, something that you can wear to college and out for a party at the same time, and will look good with a leather jacket.

 And heels always stand out! I’m mostly in simple clothes and the occasional coloured pants. Fashion is just being comfortable in what you are in and wearing what suits you. You shouldn’t put on something that looks good on a mannequin. 
Nydile R

This first-year interior designing student from Mount Carmel College is wearing a top and ballerinas she bought at Ginger, Jealous 21 jeans and a Timex watch. 
This outfit defines who I am for now. I am still experimenting with different types of styles because I’m just out of school and I’m just getting used to the idea of not wearing uniforms. I’m really into the 70s and 80s - palazzos, maxi skirts and such.
I stole the watch from my dad and never leave the house without it because it’s chunky. Fashion is anything that makes someone feel beautiful.”

Roshan Khan

This second-year BBM student from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship is wearing a hounds-tooth muffler, white T-shirt by Nikos Narkissos and shorts from InTribe. 
I love the simplicity and classiness these clothes have to offer because I prefer class over kitsch. Nikos is my friend so I pick up clothes from his collection as he often advises me on my clothing.

And I bought the shorts because hounds-tooth is a classy trend, and has often been seen on the international runways.