A battle of choices

A battle of choices


With our lives being ruled by gizmos and gadgets, one wonders whether the joy of reading a book has become a thing of the past.

Besides, many books are adapted into movies giving all the more reason for people to not read. Metrolife interacts with youngsters to ask them their views on various books being made into movies and which medium do they prefer. 

Short and quick

Jai Kashyap, a third-year student of mechanical engineering from CMRIT, says, “I have watched adaptations of ‘Lord Of The Rings’, the ‘Twilight’ series etc. I like the movies better because I get an idea of the plot in a short span. Reading a book is a tedious process.” 

No comparison

Abdul Nasir, a student of BBM from CMRIMS, says, “I read Chetan Bhagat’s books because he writes about campus life. A book and movie can’t be compared. I liked reading ‘Fault In Our Stars’ but while watching the film, I couldn’t stay beyond the interval.” 

Influencing factor

Aashita, a student of BCA at Dayananda Sagar Institutions, says, “Adaptations enhance the minute details that one fails to notice in a book. Movies change the way we think because of the amount of visuals and colours they offer. After reading a review, one goes with certain expectations to watch a movie. These may or may not be met.” She adds, “Movies appeal to the younger generation.”

Visuals at work! 

Zakia, a first-year student of BBM, says, “The cast can spoil a good book’s movie adaptation. However, movies are better because they have action and songs. Movies are also visually appealing as they are shot at picturesque locations. While reading, one has to imagine everything. It also takes long to finish a book.” 
Turning the pages 

Sharron De’Cruz, a second-year BBM student, says, “I like books better. I feel that books have more details and bring out the essence of the story better. Whenever I’m reading, I feel like I’m engrossed in the situation.”

 She adds, “There may be new characters and scenes added to the movie. So there is a lot of difference.”
A dying hobby 

Mohammad Iqlas Khan, a second-year BBM student of CMRIMS, says, “A movie makes the book more popular. Each medium has its own style and there are certain books that cannot be made into a movie. While a movie revolves around the cast, a book is more of a play of words and emotions.