Here, size doesn't matter

Here, size doesn't matter

Yummy Sliders

Whether you’re planning a grand party or just want a reason to get the gang together, sliders are a great way to celebrate.

These are small, easy to eat, easy to make tasty snacks that are all the rage now. Commonly, sliders are small burgers or sandwiches which have been around for a while now. Other than chicken fillings, sliders can also include beef and turkey to make them the perfect party appetiser.

Today, sliders are the stars of a restaurant trend and even making them at home has become quite easy. Miniature burger buns are now found on supermarket shelves as well making it easy for the well-intentioned foodie! Sliders can be as diverse as sandwiches and they aren’t limited to mini burgers only. Swasti Aggarwal, regional head and chef at Foodhall, said, “Sliders or mini burgers are the epitome of comfort food and any small size bread roll with a patty filling can be called a slider. Traditionally, a burger is made from beef patty but there are many innovations in terms of the patty, the bread, the sauce and condiments. A mini burger to a crab cake burger or even a vada pao is a slider.

At Foodhall we make Quinoa and black bean sliders, Buffalo Chicken sliders with a blue cheese sauce, Falafel sliders with grilled vegetables and Thai Style Vada Paos with Thai chilli chutney. One can make a slider patty out of almost anything – beef, pork, minced chicken, black beans, soya, potato, chickpeas, portobello mushrooms, etc and add a complementing sauce, some salad, pickle or fries.”

Talking about the concept of sliders, Chef Anil Pandey at Raasta, Hauz Khas and Cyber Hub, said, “The concept of sliders originated in the middle of 20th century in Las Vegas, in one of the very popular casinos and from there gained popularity across USA and the world.”

To give you more options, Smokeys BBQ and Grill in GK II and Gurgaon has come up with a Slider Festival. Everything you need is here! Smokeys BBQ and Grill offers a wide range of burgers and hot dogs, which also come in small sizes. After enjoying sliders in the festival, one can surely boast about having not only the biggest or the smallest but the best range of burgers and hot dogs in town.

According to Manu Chandra, executive chef and partner, Monkey Bar, “The best way to make sliders would be to have all the ingredients ready first. You can always mix and match toppings, sauces, condiments and the patty of your choice.

 Make sure your raw ingredients like tomatoes, onions and lettuce are fresh, washed and cut in sizes equal to the size of the mini buns you have. Also keep a range of sauces and condiments handy – mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, chutneys for an Indian twist.”