How about some spicy kachoris?

How about some spicy kachoris?


It fills your mouth with variety of flavours from spicy to sweet and tangy. And that’s why we love this traditional snack item – Kachori.

 The stuffing and garnish over it can make anyone who is fond of typical North Indian food salivate. Some consider it highly calorific while those who swear by its goodness give the calorie count a well deserved disregard!  

Since kachoris are very popular in North India, Chef Dheeraj Mathur, Radisson Blu Paschim Vihar talks about different and specific flavours in these flaky, tangy delights. “It varies from state to state, like in Uttar Pradesh it is served in the morning breakfast and  prepared with refined flour dumplings filled with stuffing of different varieties of lentils like moong, urad and chana. In Rajasthan, Pyaaz kachori and Mawa kachori are very popular. Pyaaz kachori is a snack item, while the Mawa kachori is served as a dessert in the desert state. 

In Delhi, Khata kachori and Raj kachori are the most loved ones”. 

But, according to Mathur, there are possibilities of experimentation by going for different stuffing. “Besides lentil, you can fill sprouts, kishmish, nuts like chironji, cashewnut and almonds and vegetables like peas , onion and potato. Also, if you are fond of khoya, it can be an option too,” says Mathur. 

Chef Deepak from Shraman, The Ashok, mentions about the Raj kachori and Dal bhaat kachori he serves in the restaurant. 

“Raj Kachori is a spicy chaat bowl filled with delicious condiments. It has refreshing flavours and makes for a unique food experience. Dal Bhaat ki kachori makes for a beautiful presentation and is thoroughly enjoyed by just about everyone. It is a mouth watering chaat, filled with various flavours. Crispy from outside and soft from inside, it is filled with sprouts, curd and covered with aloo bhujia and sweet saunth chutney.”

Interestingly, there are easy ways to cook kachoris at home with some additional elements having less calorific value. “We can do many experiments with the kachori like it can be stuffed with different ingredients. It can be baked in a microwave oven and deep fried in very light oil like canola oil, if someone loves to eat healthy food. Even the dough for the kachori can be made with maida, atta, kuttu flour and suji. It makes kachoris crispy.” 

Adding flavour to kachoris is the garnish sprinkled over the stuffing. “The perfect way to garnish a kachori is with tamarind and mint chutney and top it with ginger julienne, chopped green chillies and coriander leaf. Fresh pomegranate seeds and sprouts can also be used with almond flakes,” says Mathur.