Match interests and expertise

Match interests and expertise

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Match interests and expertise

Dear Sir,

This is a query for my career related to getting recognized as a journalist. I have completed my graduation in commerce through regular programme and PG Diploma in Journalism through 1 year Distance mode. I am currently working in a MNC as a professional writer. Hence from an industry perspective I am being recognized just as a ‘writer’. Thus, I still feel there is a need to get recognised as a career journalist (having already obtained PG as my professional qualification in journalism). This will further help me to add value to my career and look forward for future prospects.Hence this is a request to provide some clarifications. Please suggest if there are any institutions which provide/offer courses to get oneself recognised as a career journalist. Further, please do also suggest any programmes offered by news agencies both government and private, for such a recognition.


Dear Varun,

Since you have found your goals in the world of communication and career journalism, you are on the right track working as a professional writer. You can now sharpen your skills by writing freelance articles and sending them to publications in your free time.  Try and find a domain of specialization so that you get recognition in that field.  Since you have a PG Diploma in Journalism, you don’t necessarily need to go for further courses.  Once you have built up a good portfolio of published articles, you can seek a change of job into journalism.  Look for publications or portals that match your interest and your expertise, and your progress will be smooth.

Dear Sir,

I am pursing BE in Civil. I am in the  final year. My aggregate till the last sem (5th) was 78%. It has been my dream since childhood to serve the country joining any of the defence wings. I am unable to decide the next thing that I must do after pursuing my BE that would allow me to fulfill my dream. Please guide me on what I must do and what are the possible ways that I can use to join the defence wings

.Abhishek Dutta

Dear Abhishek,

Serving the nation through defence is a noble thought.  Thankfully, salaries in the defence sector have lately been improved significantly, and of course you get many perks including life-long pension and health care. As a final year student you are eligible to try for the University Entry Scheme (see If for some reason you cannot make it, you can appear next year for the Combined Defence Services Exam CDSE.  Also, you can be a part of defence establishments as a civilian if you join in any of the public sector undertakings of the Defence Ministry.

Dear Sir,

I have just completed my BCom and want to take up a professional course like ICWA or CA. But I am confused whether to go for ICWA or CA. I understand CA is mainly into audit and tax where as ICWA is broader and has wider application. Please guide.

Dear Mohamed,

Your understanding of CA and ICWA is correct. Cost and Works Accountancy is quite broadbased.  It has now been converted to Cost and Management Accountancy ( and is quite challenging to those with exploratory mind, who wish to participate in management, development, growth etc.  On the other hand the Chartered Accountant (CA) is primarily a person with logical, sequential and analytical mind, good concentration, focus on detail and routine. The major advantage of CA is that they are required by law to audit all companies, hence as the economy keeps growing, their need is continuously expanding, assuring auditors of safe and steady income and growth.

Dear Sir,

I am studying fisheries in India and I am interested in studying food in PG. I kindly request you to give me information about the different universities offering these courses and also various scholarships.

Shaik Tahoe

Dear Shaik 

Congrats on taking up a unique field away from what everyone else is doing. It shows you have the ability to explore, create your own path, and find your own goals.  Food technology is an essential and promising field all over the world including India. The most reputed institutions for higher studies in this area are Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) Pusa, National Institute of Food Technology Sonepat (, Central Food Technology Research Institute (CFTRI) and Defence Food Research Institute (DFRI), both in Mysore, the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) at Hyderabad, SRM Institute of Science & Technology,Chennai ( and University of Agricultural Sciences, (which also offers an MBA in Agricultural Produce Marketing) Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (, both in Bangalore. Scholarships vary, and also depend on your grades.

Dear Sir,

I am studying 5th semester Bsc with chemistry botany and zoology as main subjects under RCU university. Basically, I am interested in zoology specially about human and healthcare. I was keen on pursuing medicine but due to low performance in 2nd PUC, I could not do so. I hate and fear mathematics. For a PG level, instead of biochemical, biotech, genetics, I want to know some specialized branches/courses where like in medicine, there is not much mathematics involved. Which university provides the courses.

Prasanth Nagathan

Dear Prasanth,

Since you are already in the final year of BSc you should by now be able to determine which areas of life sciences interests you most, and you are good at.

 Accordingly you may take up a Masters course in that subject.  Zoology does not deal with human health care, they are two different fields.  In health care you can take up a Masters in Health Administration offered by many reputed institutes all over the country, Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics, PG course in Clinical Research.

 Take a decision based on whether you would like to be in research, teaching, quality control, product development, documentation, diagnosis, etc.  None of these will require proficiency in Math.