Tender care for furry friends

Tender care for furry friends

Pet care

The monsoon is here to give respite from the soaring temperature but it also ushers in problems for the pets.

Therefore, it is important that we keep our furry friends well-sheltered from the harmful impact of the rainy season.

During monsoons, thunder and strong wind can frighten even the calmest of persons and creatures. And pets too are prone to suffer from storm anxiety and can get distraught. 

Their symptoms can range from mild to severe – shaking, pulling out their own hair, hiding, biting, and excessive chewing. 

According to Dr Kallahalli Umesh, an expert, there are some key hazards that pet owners need to be aware of.

“Parasites like mosquitoes, flies and fleas attack the pets during monsoons, which cause infections and diseases like allergy, fever etc. As a responsible pet owner, one should ensure that the pets are treated with regular worm medication, tick and flea treatments during this season,” he said. 

Dogs also have an uncanny habit of chasing wild creatures like lizards, frogs and spiders. They love to eat or hold them in their mouth but these creatures are quite toxic. The best way to protect them from this is to be outside with them, inspect the gardens and surroundings regularly and not leave them outside unattended for very long.

“It is also important to realise that with monsoons come infections, especially from fresh meat like beef, chicken or any meat that you would be feeding your pet.
Ensure that you buy meat from shops, which maintain very high hygiene standards or feed them with good quality packed food, which are 100 per cent safe for the pets. Even the pet food needs to be stored in secure air-tight containers so that they are not exposed to humidity and moisture,” said the doctor.

We all love our pets, so why not make a little bit of an effort in creating a safe and comfortable environment for them. 

While most pet owners are clear about the immediate joy that comes with sharing their lives with animals, many remain unaware of the fact that their furry friends too need that extra care and love. 

Rushil Gupta,who has a labrador, said, “Be sure you know the diet and feeding schedule of your pet or else get information from your veterinarian or the pet store.

 Most animals need to be fed once or twice a day. Sometimes baby animals need to be fed more. We at home also avoid giving them the food we eat, like chocolates. It can make them sick. We also make sure that my dog gets plenty of clean and fresh water.”

The owner of a golden retriever, Diven Sharma, said, “During monsoon, we try and keep his area clean and hygienic because during rains there tends to be an increase of the number of insects on the floor which can be quite dangerous for him.” 

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