For that 'desi' touch...

For that 'desi' touch...

For that 'desi' touch...

Why look elsewhere for inspiration when our own nation has beautiful ideas for home decor, asks Vathsala V P.

 Whether we like to admit it or not, every home is a reflection of the owners’ personality. The decor spells the personal style and attitude of its residents. In fact, one of the greatest tendencies of home owners is to furnish their homes the way they like to project themselves to the world.

When it comes to furnishing houses, each person has his own preference as far as the theme of decor is concerned – glamorous, modern, traditional or contemporary. Of late, a theme that’s fortunately made a comeback in a very big way is traditional, with a touch of contemporary thrown into it.

And what best way to introduce the right blend of these two decor themes than by going in for an Indian theme?Indian theme for a home is not only cool, but trendy too. Moreover, Theme India for furnishing doesn’t cost much – it just requires you to be a little creative in using the already available material. No wonder, more and more homemakers are going in for an Indian feel in their homes. It can be introduced using the right furniture and accessories.

To begin with, let’s pay close attention to the furniture at home. ReutilisationFortunately, most of us are saddled with a rich store of intricately carved hand-me-downs that ensure that we do not have to spend much on furniture. All they require is a nice coat of polish for that much-needed sheen, and they are all set to compete with brand new ones.Once the furniture is ready to lend your dream home that much-needed Indian touch, set out on a shopping spree for accessories. Once again, when you’ve opted for an Indian theme, you can make your choices obey your wallet.

 Use materials and fabrics that are local like cotton, jute, silk, stone and wood. They are both wallet-friendly and easy to maintain.Think creatively and spruce up your windows with cotton drapes in rich colours. Drapes in block prints with traditional Indian motifs go a long way in making the house gleam with glamour.

 When it comes to walls, treat them as huge canvases and adorn them with fabric murals in patchwork and mirror work that have made Gujarat and Rajasthan famous. Or, you can also try designing one on your own. Artful touchMadhubani, Sibi, Mysore and batik paintings add to the ethnic touch. However, the key is not to overdo the decor. A carefully chosen fabric mural here and a tastefully designed wall hanging there and you will end up with elegant interiors.Jhoolas in brass or carved wood and low diwans add to the traditional Indian look.

 Remember to accessorise them the Indian way by covering them with soft Indian rugs that are either embroidered or decorated with beads and mirrors. A few fluffy, hand-decorated cotton cushions thrown carelessly on these jhoolas and diwans complete the picture. While shopping for cushion covers, it is advisable to buy those in fabrics such as cotton, tussar silk, khadi silk or satin as they lend the overall ambience a luxurious look.As centre tables are the centrepieces of any living room, the role of an artistically carved wooden table cannot be discarded.

If carved wood is beyond your reach, then go in for a simple centre table and cover it with an intricately designed  fabric. If you are worried about spills, spread jute mats and coasters on the centre table before serving snacks and drinks. They are simple and neat and  don’t demand much maintenance.Dressing up floors with artistic quilts, dhurries, mats, floor rugs or carpets adds  panache to homes.

The more ethnic they are, the better it is, as placing such rugs on the floor adds to the general Indian feel of the place. Though carpets in wool and silk are more renowned than Indian decorative rugs in cotton and jute, it is best to opt for Indian rugs as they are lighter, do not gather dust easily and can be washed frequently. They are long lasting as many households boast of dhurries that have lasted for about 20 years despite several washes!When it comes to wall hangings, the choices are mind-boggling. Handmade puppets and masks look fabulous.

Traditional lamp shades also look good. The wide handmade variety in cotton and jute, available in the market, lends that ‘oh-so-ethnic’ touch.Though furnishing a home with less clutter should be the aim, too much of open space can certainly be boring. Ethnic Indian statues in bronze, artefacts in brass and terracotta figurines can fill these spaces.

Indoor plants in brass pot holders also do the trick. A large brass bowl of water with petals floating in them placed at the entrance of the house reflects the ethnicity of Indian culture.Theme India for home decor has its own charm. Lend your loving home a unique Indian personality and feel the creative satisfaction you derive out of it.

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