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Breaking up is hard to do

HBO presents Forgetting Sarah Marshall starring Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Paul Rudd and William Baldwin at 9 pm on December 23.

Peter Brenner is a struggling musician who has just been dumped by his tv star girlfriend Sarah Marshall. In order to get over his devastating heartbreak, he decides to take a resort vacation in Hawaii. Little does he know, that his ex and her boyfriend Aldous Snow are staying at the exact same resort.

Dancing to Brij’s tunes
Popular programme Jyoti has yet another twist. Brij (Sameer Sharma) is back to torture Jyoti (Sneha Wagh) and her family and somehow manages to befriend Pankaj (Sarvar Ahuja).
A party is thrown on occasion of the marriage anniversary of Jyoti’s in-laws for which Brij is also invited. Since Brij is a singer, everyone requests him to sing a song in the party. Jyoti is also requested to dance on the song sung by Brij.
It turns out to be an awkward situation for Jyoti as she hates Brij and doesn’t like to see his face but she is helpless. She curses the moment when she was friends with Brij. She performs, but in the middle of the song she leaves the party and goes away. Jyoti’s behaviour leaves her family members stunned. Will Jyoti’s family members come to know about her past relations with Brij? To find out, tune into Jyoti every Monday to Friday on NDTV Imagine at 8.30pm.

Fooled by strangers
A new twist has taken place in Tere Mere Sapne. Radha (Ekta Tiwari), who has come to a city neighbouring their village with her husband Sarju (Saurabh Pandey) and brother-in-law Kesoo (Chandresh Singh) gets lost in the big, bad city.
 Going in the flash back mode, Lala (Tarakesh Chauhan) the land owner of the village attempts to burn Sarju’s field and crops to take revenge from his family. But by the grace of God, the food grains are saved.

In order to teach Lala a lesson, Sarju decides to sell his food grains in the city market directly. He leaves his village along with his elder brother Kesoo and wife Radha. As they reach the city, they ask Radha to wait along with their ox and move towards the market. Somehow the ox manages to run away and Radha panics and leaves in search of them.

On her way back, she forgets the landmark and starts searching for her husband. Seeing her lost and helpless, two men approach her and tell her that they know where her husband is and misguide her to a brothel. Poor Radha doesn’t know where her kismet is taking her. Will Radha be rescued? Who will come to rescue her? Keep watching Tere Mere Sapne every Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm on Star Plus.

Towering giants
FOX History and Entertainment presents Engineering Marvels: Vertical City: Taipei 101, Taiwan on December 23 at 9 pm. Taiwan, China’s renegade province, wanted to make the world sit up and notice it — so it built the planet’s tallest skyscraper, Taipei 101, in its capital city. But does the tag of having the tallest skyscraper guarantee success? And why aren’t there a host of other skyscrapers in this city like its competitor over the water, Shanghai? Tune into find out.

Class politics unveiled
Colors will air two new prime time fiction shows  — Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam and Laagi Tujhse Lagan. While Yeh Pyaar Na Hoga Kam is a love story set against the background of India’s obsession with caste system and class politics; Laagi Tujhse Lagan is the story of a housemaid Nakusha, who has to live her life behind a veil of ugliness in order to protect her virtue.
Although love stories, both stories provide glimpses of two drastically different worlds.
While the former is set in Lucknow, the heartland of India where inter-caste relationships and marriages are still frowned upon; the latter is set in a fictional Mumbai slum Sagar Kutir and highlights the plight of the have nots who dot the city’s filthy pavements.
Both these shows will debut on the channel on December 28 between 9 pm and 10 pm and will be telecast on all weekdays.