On the wings of a tale...

On the wings  of a tale...

The release of Bird With Golden Wings by Sudha Murthy was dedicated to children. After all her journey into writing began with writing for children. This time around, the book took one and all into a magical world of fairies, unsolved mysteries, kings and queens. Though the main event was the launch of the book, it began with a drawing competition, where kids had to bring out their magical world on to the paper.

This was then followed by a simple release of the book. With her target audience being children, she made the kids release the book themselves. “I love children and I enjoy writing for them. I didn’t want any star or celebrity to come and release the book, instead I prefer it to be released by my readers itself,” said Sudha Murthy, who has written other collection of short stories like How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and The Magic Drum.
Bird With Golden Wings too is a collection of short stories where each story introduces a new set of characters. If one talks about how the king hid the fact that he has donkey’s ears which he buried under his turban there is another which speaks about how a teacher forgot all his lessons and had to take the help of the school cook. And most importantly, every story ends with a message. “What’s really exciting is the colourful illustrations that have been teamed up with the stories,” she added.

The release of the book was followed by a book reading. The story of how the once sweet sea water turn salty grasped the attention of the young and the older
audience. The evening was then concluded by a play staged by the Parikrama children.
The highlight of the evening was the interaction between the children and Sudha Murthy, where each child got their copy of the book autographed by the author herself.

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