There's something for all

There's something for all

There's something for all

Located on St Marks Road, ‘Rollacosta’ is an eatery that caters to a variety of tastes. From Italian dishes like pizza and pasta to Indian ones like ‘rotis’ and ‘naans’, it serves an array of cuisines. Placed comfortably in front of Bishop Cotton Girls School and other corporates, the eatery attracts a wide range of customers.

Irshad Alam started the tiny hangout two months ago. He says, “I’ve always wanted to have a store on MG Road because that’s a place I’m familiar with. I never thought I would get it but I happened to find this spot when I was walking by and decided to open it.”

A hot ‘shawarma’ grill awaits one at the entrance to welcome the customers. People are then ushered in where seats are waiting to be occupied. “A fine dining restaurant is a place with nice interiors, air-conditioning, good service and great food. We have all of that,” says Irshad.

The menu give a whole new meaning to ‘variety’. Starting from ‘makhani dal’, ‘tadke wali dal’ and ‘chicken tikka masala’ to the delicious ‘tandoori rotis’ and ‘kulchas’, they also have ‘pulavs’, ‘Mexican veggie fajitas’, ‘Schezwan sizzlers’, ‘Lebanese chicken sizzler’, pastas, sandwiches, starters, salads, chillers, beverages, ‘shawarmas’ and rolls. They even have ‘special combos’.

 This isn’t Irshad’s first shop. He has a few more outlets in malls and around the City. “Although I have other eateries, this is the first of its kind. The other eateries I own serve different cuisines like Andhra, seafood etc.” He says he doesn’t want to stick to one cuisine. “We don’t want to lose out on opportunities,” he says and adds, “I want to own more eateries in future.”

Ask him what’s the most important thing to remember while opening an eatery and he says, “Good location. Otherwise it will be a waste. Also, the prices need to be feasible. Unlike ice cream parlours where everything is readymade, here you need to manage the production cost,” he says.

“Life is a challenge; it doesnt give you everything you want. You need to fail sometimes in order to learn and then move on,” he sums up. For details, call 8692938883.