Catching up with season's best

Catching up with season's best

Catching up with season's best

Christmas is undoubtedly, one of the most colourful festivals. The red and white Santa Claus costumes, bright lights, white snowflakes, colourful hollies and green Christmas trees that characterise the festival, make a wonderful backdrop for any film. No wonder, an array of films based on the festival, hit the screens during Christmas. As the holiday fever hits everyone, movie-buffs tell what their favourite Christmas movie are.

Vivek, a student, loves the movie Fred Claus. “It’s all about Santa’s family,” he says. “Since Santa is a saint, everyone loves him. Even his parents love him more than his brother Fred Claus. So his brother starts disliking him.” He also likes Love Actually. “I like Christmas movies because they have a happy ending. People have a high stress level these days so watching these movies will make them feel relaxed and happy.”
Says Juhi, a student, “I have many favourites, but being a soppy romantic, Love Actually is my favourite. It’s got many stories put together.” She also loves It’s A Wonderful Life. “I saw it for the first time two Christmases ago, and I am planning to watch it again this Christmas.” She also likes an old movie called Snowman. “It’s a silent, animated movie that brings out the spirit of Christmas,” she says.

Terrence Lazarus, a retired professional, loves the Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra-starrer High Society. “I love the songs , especially White Christmas,” he says. “Even How The Grinch Stole Christmas is really nice. I like it’s underlying meaning, which says you can’t be sad and bitter like the Grinch, all the time.”

Some of the popular Christmas movies are

*  The Santa Clause
*  Home Alone
*  Miracle on 34th Street
*  Polar Express
*  How The Grinch Stole Christmas
*  It’s A Wonderful Life
*  Jack Frost
*  A Christmas Carol
*  Die Hard
*  National Lampoons
Christmas Vacation

A wonderful life!
Actor Ramesh
Aravind is a huge movie-buff. His favourite Christmas film is It’s A Wonderful Life. “It’s a great film, which can be remade many times and still works,” he says.
“It has a wonderful message, that at the end of the day, whatever God has given to you is great,” he adds. “It’s an upbeat and an extremely positive movie.”

Ramesh is quite fond of the romantic comedies that are set amidst Christmas as well. “Christmas is a great setting for romantic films. Many films like Serendipity and Love Actually are wonderful to watch during the season too,” he says.

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