Cairn India bags award

Cairn India bags award

The award was conferred at the fourth Employer Branding Awards 2009 in Indore. This was in recognition for good work and contribution to HR by the company.

The fourth Employer Branding Awards 2009 have evolved to be the most credible awards accepted by the industry with the right jury and organisation, competing for the best envisaged that these awards will grow bigger in size and stature. These awards originated in the last decade and have been very active in the last four years across Europe, parts of America and some parts of Asia Pacific region like Singapore, Malaysia and India. The attention and spotlight has been on India because of the growth and the opportunity that it offers. Besides the importance that India has gained over a period of time.

The purpose is to award India’s best employers with awards for excellence in talent management, HR strategy, application of IT, innovation in recruitment, innovation in retention strategy, innovation in career development and global HR strategy.
Cairn India is a dynamic organisation which embraces change to ensure that it remains competitive. Innovation and creativity are encouraged at every level of the organisation and all individuals working at Cairn India are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. Cairn India has built its team on the fundamentals of three R’s —Recruit the Best, Reward the Best and Retain the Best.

Cairn had been producing about 8 per cent of the domestic crude production from Ravva in offshore Andhra Pradesh (Eastern India) and Cambay in Gujarat (Western India) for more than a decade. However it first came into Rajasthan in 1997, with the belief that the key ingredients for commercial success were present in this block. Cairn India is all set for a transformational change in oil production levels once these fields come on stream. Across the country it account for more than 40 discoveries including 25 discoveries in Rajasthan.

As an employer Cairn is focused on teamwork and integrity. It respects and encourages individuals to work creatively, act responsibly towards the society and to manage risks effectively. While fostering its pioneering spirit in the exploration and production sector, Cairn India strongly encourages teamwork. It encourages its employees to live by the shared values in their daily interactions with colleagues, clients and the community.

Cairn India is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. It has interests in ten Indian and one Sri Lankan acreage blocks. Three of these assets are producing.  Cairn India is a top 25 Indian company in the Nifty 50 index.