Rlys wants new training scheme for bullet trains

Rlys wants new training scheme for bullet trains

In an effort to match manpower with the rigours of piloting high-speed trains, the Railways is looking for enduring loco-pilots who show requisite alertness to respond quickly. 

A railway official involved in planning of high-speed trains said the loco-pilots will be subjected to health tests for endurance before they occupy the drivers’ seat on the trains. 

Despite existence of aptitude tests for critical safety categories, human errors has been a frequent factor in accidents, especially in collisions. Moreover, the proposed high-speed trains require new kind of tests. 

“Besides robust tracks and modified locomotives and coaches, we need the manpower capable of handling them,” a high official said. “The ministry is going to put a different system in place to select the staff, who should have quick response and adequate endurance,” he added. 

“Running trains with high speed is an altogether different experience. It requires an inbuilt capability of responding faster at any point of time,” said another senior railway officer. “You should have the rigour to run  such trains where you have to keep moving till you reach the destination.” 

Safety category staff currently have to undergo tests of memory , following directions, depth-perception test, concentration and perceptual speed.